Reflections on teaching in a digital world

Peer Feedback

Feedback from Peers

Feedback from Ravenna Calais:From Ravenna

Feedback from Amy McDonald:From Amy

Response to Peer Feedback

I received some very helpful feedback from my peers, Amy McDonald and Ravenna Calais. Both noted that some of my arguments lacked citations, as did several of my images. Ravenna noted that some posts were missing tags or were not categorised, while Amy suggested my blog could use further “visual enhancement”.

On review, these suggestions were all entirely correct. I have since combed back through the blog to check my references and subsequently found several phrases that needed citations, which I have now provided. I also changed the references on my images from hyperlinks to correct APA referencing, in line with Ravenna’s guidance. I reviewed my tagging and categorisation and have now hopefully rectified any shortfalls.

I suspect Amy’s kind suggestion for added visual enhancement stemmed from my “Lifelong Learning” post, which was completely devoid of images. I have since added several to this post. However, I did not add in more images elsewhere as I felt the text-to-visual ratio was already appropriate.

Ravenna’s suggestion to review my sentence structures, spelling, and grammar was welcomed, and I found several areas that required adjustment. I sincerely appreciated the feedback I was given, as it helped me improve my blog significantly.


Feedback to Peers

For Amy McDonald, “Teaching in a Digital World

Amy McDonald

For Ravenna Calais, “Teaching in a Digital World

Ravenna Calais













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